Scott Brown

Scott Brown
February 16, 2022
Articles By Scott Brown

7 Ways Hospital Can Lead the Charge for Digital ACP

It’s time we empowered every patient to have it their way.

HFAM & ADVault Join Forces to Promote Digital ACP & Financial Benefits

ADVault White Paper Points to Digital ACP as a Way for Acute, Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Providers to Operate More ...

How Professional Caregivers Help Patients with Advance Care Planning

As America celebrates National Caregivers Day on February 18, the nation’s leader in digital advance care planning (ACP) ...

Debunking 6 Advance Care Planning (ACP) Myths in 2022

It’s Time to Dispel Misconceptions Concerning ACP Documents So Patients’ Voices Can be Heard.

Digital Advance Care Planning Reduces Costly Hospital Readmissions

Hospital systems often see patients numerous times as they near the end of life. This period of time can involve a flurry of ...