By ADVault Team on December 11, 2020

Patient Pattern and ADVault Align to Improve Quality Advance Care Planning for High-Risk Individuals

Patient Pattern, the health industry leader in frailty risk stratification solutions, and ADVault, Inc., creator of the world’s leading digital advance care planning platform MyDirectives® and MyDirectives MOBILETM, announced today an integrated solution for their enterprise clients to improve healthcare outcomes. A collaboration process that began in early 2019, the two companies turned doctors’ frequent calls for advance care plans during the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity. The first joint client is expected to go live in January 2021.

The new bundled technology offering will allow clients to identify at-risk patients and help them develop advance care plans tailored to their individual needs. This will improve provider, patient and family morale and satisfaction by aligning care with the individual's clearly stated goals and reduce low-value care.

“The combination of Patient Pattern’s innovative Frailty Risk platform along with ADVault’s digital advance care planning technology creates a powerful approach to capturing personalized advance care decisions for those individuals who, in spite of similar ages and diagnoses, require diverse approaches to facilitating those important documents.”

- Maria Moen, ADVault Director of Platform Innovation

Read the full press release here.

Published by ADVault Team December 11, 2020