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What is ADVault's ACP solution suite?

ADVault puts patients and members at the center of care when it matters most. How? By providing the industry’s first end-to-end suite of ACP tools and cloud-based storage accessible anytime and anywhere.

ADVault Solution Ecosystem



Facilitate, prepare, and upload ACP documents, portable medical orders, and patient videos.


Locate and use ACP documents and portable medical orders. Invite to MyDirectives®.


Track, analyze, and send member and provider ACP performance metrics reports and analysis.

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Store, locate, and share ACP documents and portable medical orders.


Create, upload, and share ACP documents and patient video recordings.

See advance care planning as it should be.

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Why Choose ADVault for Advance Care Planning?

Others have tried, but only ADVault has streamlined and simplified ACP.
Our tools are a smart choice for your organization to capture patient voice and engage members.


Save money.

Approximately 80% of Americans with advanced or terminal illness prefer to be cared for and die outside the hospital, but only 20% do. Multiple studies show ACP interventions reduce the risk of hospitalizations and shorten the length of stay in the ICU. Easy and reliable access to ACP documents and portable medical orders increases the likelihood that patient and member wishes are honored and saves money for everyone — payers, providers, and patients — by reducing unnecessary and unwanted hospitalizations, procedures, and interventions.

Grow revenue.

Advance care planning helps everyone reap the benefits of value-based care. For hospitals, fewer emergency and ICU visits allow resource reallocation to more profitable, elective procedures. LTPAC providers and insurance companies demonstrate their ability to put patients and members at the center of care by engaging them in candid discussions about their medical goals, treatment priorities, and care preferences. The results – better patient and member engagement and more community and hospital referrals that ultimately increase revenue. 

Easy to implement.

MyDirectives for Clinicians™ is a responsive web application that can be run on any device with no major integration. The tool works with any browser and operating system seamlessly. Providers may also choose to leverage the native functionality of their existing EHR or ePCR platform to integrate with the A|D Vault Exchange platform, or to launch MyDirectives for Clinicians directly inside their EHR for optimized tracking and analytics.

Simple to access.

If you have internet access and a smart device, you can create or upload ACP documents and portable medical orders, update those documents, and manage ACP conversations remotely, while administrators can choose to access their management dashboard and reports from their office laptops or desktops.

Boost ratings.

There’s a measurable advantage of rating well in a value-based care system for providers and payers.  Higher five-star ratings directly correlate to greater profitability. Hospitals able to honor their patients’ wishes by accessing ACP documents and portable medical orders can demonstrate compliance and better clinical outcomes. Home health agencies, chronic care management companies, and skilled nursing facilities can achieve higher usage and occupancy that allows for better staffing consistency and overall quality care. All of which boosts patient-centered clinical excellence and family satisfaction scores, which translates into higher five-star ratings. 

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