Registry and Repository

The ADVault Exchange is a proprietary registry and repository of person generated health data (PGHD) for the collection and retrieval of ACP documents and portable medical orders in a safe and secure cloud environment using industry-standard data security, content, and transport protocols.

Seamless Integration Across Platforms

The ADVault Exchange is designed to seamlessly integrate into the leading electronic database platforms for hospitals, healthcare payers, and medical practices including:

  1. Electronic Health Records (EHR) leveraged by clinicians, laboratories, and specialists involved in care for a given patient.
  2. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) utilized by specific clinicians for diagnosis and treatment in their practice.
  3. Patient Health Records (PHR) using by patients to maintain and manage their personal health information.
  4. Patient / Member Portals accessed by individual patients to manage their health information, schedule tests, obtain results, review and access their benefits, and communicate with healthcare providers and payers.
  5. Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) operated by organizations within a regions, community, or hospital systems to share health data across multiple electronic record systems.

Contact us to explore how you can leverage the ADVault Exchange to securely store and retrieve advance directive information using industry-standard data security, content, and transport protocols.

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