Accountable Care Organizations

MyDirectives for Clinicians™ is a responsive web application that can be run on any device with no major integration. Now, you can conduct conversations almost anywhere. In the office or from a LTPAC, meet with patients face to face, or via telehealth.



What is the value of advance care planning for accountable care organizations?

When today’s Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are searching for ways to innovate for cost containment and quality improvement they leverage MyDirectives for Clinicians to deliver higher value outcomes, interoperable digital data exchange, and suitable cost avoidance opportunities.

Most patients with advanced or terminal illness prefer to be cared for and die outside the hospital. Advance care planning (“ACP”) interventions have been proven to reduce the risk of hospital admissions and readmissions, as well as shorten intensive care unit (“ICU”) length of stay. By conducting ACP discussions and digitally documenting patient preferences, and priorities, ACO providers:

  • Increase the likelihood that patient wishes are honored, thereby improving patient and family satisfaction scores,
  • Avoid sending patients to the hospital for medical treatments and interventions at the end of life, which reduces unnecessary and unwanted admissions, procedures, and length of stay,
  • Achieve patient-centered clinical excellence goals, and
  • Comply with MIPS Measurement #047 Advance Care Plan.

The result—better resource utilization efficiency, greater patient engagement, and higher quality ratings.

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